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Fairy HeatherFairy Heather

Fairy PriyaFairy Priya

Fairy RoseFairy Rose

Face Painting Fairies

A delight for Parties, Corporate Events, Festivals & Functions and any Special Occasion which requires a Professional Facepainter to thrill children of all ages!

The face painting fairies arrive colourful and costumed complete with sparkly fairy wings. They can fly to your special occasion anywhere in Scotland.

Once upon a time, the Good Mother Earth decreed that it is the job of the facepainting fairies to make children happy. So they use their artistic skill to paint the faces of lovely children. All children are of course, lovely to fairies. The fairies work their magic on arms, legs, necks and ankles too!

Face painting Fairy Heather lives on a cold, windswept moor in Scotland, is often assisted by Fairy Rose and Fairy Priya who specialise in magical mini-manicures. They make hands as soft as petals and fingernails as shiny as dew drops. Being fairies, they fly around the world at will, but usually they are to be found in the towns, valleys, hills and glens of Scotland.

They are modern Fairies, so nowadays you can email them info@facepaintingfairies.com
Mobile: 07828-491-147